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New Addition to Studio

Looking forward to Tuesday’s Ballet III class. They have been promised a new barre for months. This beautiful piece of equipment comes from Finis Jhung’s website. It is by far the best portable barre on the market.

Jhung is a master teacher whose thoughtful and logical approach to teaching ballet is used in every ballet class at Movement Arts Atlanta. MAA Director Carolyn Stine McLaughlin attended one of his teacher workshops and has been using his principles for more than a decade. Jhung’s work is frequently focused on adult beginners but its principles of proper aliment and knowledge of transitions between movements is valuable to any age and skill level of dance student.

MAA students all begin learning classical ballet without a barre. This facilitates learning to transfer the weight of the body from one foot to the other which is the underlying principle of all dance movements. After a student has good skill with three of the primary moments of dance: plié, bend of the knees; tendu, stretch of the legs; and relevé, rise up on to the balls of the feet; then they come to the barre to work on the multiple variations of this vocabulary.


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