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Student Recital 2019 – When & Why

We invite all Movement Arts Atlanta (MAA) families and friends to mark their calendars for the 2019 Student Recital which will be held on Saturday, May 19, 2019 at 3:00 pm. MAA will hold the recital at the International Montessori Academy, just east of Little 5 Points. Admission is free and family and friends are welcome to come and enjoy the dancing and light refreshments after the show.

MAA’s recitals are unique events for several reasons that effect the students, their families and friends.

First, MAA presents a short story-ballet to showcase the talents of the students. These ballets have a libretto that weaves together the dancing of all levels of performers, each  contributing to the whole. Unlike the majority of recital performances with their one dance for each class, this style of performance more closely matches the way of professional performers. It also builds community, provides mentoring opportunities for senior dancer and demonstration of what commitment can bring for junior dancers.

Second, MAA’s annual student recital is managed with economics in mind. MAA does not charge a separate recital fee to families. This cost is embedded in tuition. Families rarely choose not to participating in a recital. MAA sees a recital fee as a “junk” style fee like a registration fee. MAA does not charge these either. Costumes are provided by MAA and are reused and reworked year after year. This again mirrors the way professional dance organizations work. Additionally, manufactured dance costumes are high priced for the quality they offer. Also, the event is presented in a venue that allows for free admission. We do not believe that a family member or friend should have to pay to see the show. The audience is the guest of MAA.

Third, MAA’s Student Recitals are short. Last year’s running time was twenty minutes total, which included the ballet, two Tap numbers and curtain speeches. Very directly, our philosophy is that student performers should be beautifully costumed, well rehearsed, get on the stage and then get off. Young performers are able to handle shorter times with greater attention and joy. This make the experience good for them and therefore the audience, short and sweet.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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