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World Dance Camp News

Movement Arts Atlanta and the Freedom Park Preschool are on the third day of the World Dance Camp. The children are having a fun time, building strength and skills.

Each day has started with a movement class that includes some yoga, ballet and the development of gross motor skills. After a short break, the students study a new dance each day.

On Monday, the dancers learned the Meringue and Bachata. Both of these dances are from the island of Haiti. The children had fun with the movement and with learning how to dance with a partner.

On Tuesday, we went across the PacificĀ  Ocean to West Africa. The children made shakers based on the Caxix of Ghana. After learning some basic vocabulary for this dance form, the children took turns playing for each other as accompanists.

Wednesday was the day for the Hula. This is a very fun dance to learn. The dancers made lei from silk flowers and wore them for their dancing. Take a visit to our See What We Do Page for a short video of their work.

For Thursday, the students will try Intertribal Dance. This Native American dance is open to all dancers. The dancers will make their own ankle bells to add to the experience.

On Friday, the dancers will work in a large group to give Square Dancing a try. This American favorite developed out of the social dances of the mid to late 1800s.

Movement Arts Atlanta partners annually with Freedom Park Preschool to offer this camp to early elementary students.



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