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Welcome 2022 Winter/Spring Semester

With 2021 coming to a close, it is time to look forward to the second half of the Season with the beginning of the Winter/Spring Semester. Classes resume on Tuesday, January 4, 2022. The majority of classes will continue as scheduled during the last semester. New students are always welcome. In addition to beginning classes again, there are several wonderful things in the works including an original score and live music for the Annual Student Recital.

There is availability for new students in nearly every level, Kinderdance, Ballet all levels, Children’s Yoga and Multi-Age Modern. Movement Arts Atlanta is also looking for a soccer coach that works with boys ages 7-10 to develop a ballet-based class to support young athletes. Interested coaches and parents are asked to send an email to Director, Carolyn Stine McLaughlin at It is anticipated that the pilot program will run for six weeks and will work with four to eight young athletes.

In November of 2021, MAA’s Director began working with master of traditional Irish music, Moira Nelligan to create and original score for the Annual Student Recital, Blackberry Ball. The event will have a story ballet of the same name and a modern dance piece. Ms. Nelligan will also perform as a part of the recital continuing the Season’s focus on live music for dance. Ms. Nelligan and Ms. McLaughlin will use quadrille music of the early 1800s as an inspiration for the score. The modern piece which will be the second half of the program will use The Duke of Kent Waltz which was first published in 1802.

Quadrille is both a musical form and a dance form. The quadrille was a social dance of the 19th Century which was performed by groups of couples usually four but sometimes eight. The dance’s movements share lineage with ballet. Its terminology is also in French and movements such as plie/pliez, assemblé and balancé would be recognizable students of both dance forms. Ms. McLaughlin will use the etiquette of the 19th Century ballroom and the floor patterns of the quadrilles of the day as part of the choreography of Blackberry Ball. Interestingly, quadrilles are also the predecessor of American square dancing.

Please visit here for the current classes and schedule. Later this month look for updates on performances of the Outreach Performance Program and Summer Camp.



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