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“bring dance history to life”

Thank you Amanda Sieradzki, Gillian Renault and ArtsATL! On September 26, 2022, ArtsATL published “A Time with Isadora” concert will bring dance history to life at The Trolley Barn” by Sieradzki. This article includes information about A Time with Isadora, Thursday’s Salon Performance and highlights the histories and processes that have brought the project to the Salon Performance.

For McLaughlin, the Limón-Duncan exchange opened up a much larger conversation around freeing historic dances from grainy photographs and scant videography. A Time with Isadora highlights the theme of how one artist influences many, and how to honor these influences through your own art-making.

“These works are 70 to 100 years old,” says McLaughlin. “But they are still extremely valuable to us as artists.”

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