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Classes & Schedule

In-person classes are currently suspended.

Students are place by both age and experience. Please know that every dance school has different names and levels for classes. Class sizes are limited to ensure that instruction is delivered in an effective manner.

Kinderdance (Ages 3 & 4) uses fun and creative games and movement exercises to improve movement, rhythm and class taking skills all designed to support the study of ballet. Limited to 6 students per class.

Ballet I (Ages 5 & 6) includes the introduction of beginning ballet vocabulary,  plié (to bend), tendu (to stretch), relevé (to rise) and sauté (to jump) and includes fun movement exercises to continue to nurture free movement. Limited to 6 students per class.

Ballet II with Beginning Tap (Ages 7+) works on and builds on class skills and continues the development of classical ballet core vocabulary. The last 15 minutes of class teach beginning tap steps which are a fun and beneficial addition to ballet vocabulary. This class is appropriate for beginners. Limited to 8 students per class.

Ballet III with Tap (Age 9+)  continues to develop classical ballet vocabulary with the goal of gaining firm grasp of the 7 movements of dance – plié (to bend), tendu (to stretch), relevé (to rise), glissé (to glide), sauté (to jump), elancé (to dart) and tourné (to turn). The last 15 minutes of class teach beginning tap steps which are a fun and beneficial addition to ballet vocabulary. Limited to 8 students per class.

Ballet IV (Age 10+) focuses on the development of correct placement of the body. Improving placement enabled ease in executing the vocabulary of ballet. This class is a good choice for an older beginner or a more experienced student looking to train multiple days per week. Physical therapy exercises, yoga work and breath work are used along side of ballet exercises for this class. Limited to 6 students per class.

Ballet IV with Tap (Age 10+) is a class with a tradition format. An hour of ballet barre and center work is followed by 15 minutes of tap. The focus of this class is improving vocabulary of step while refining placement. Limited to 6 students per class.

Ballet V (age 11+) is a presented in a traditional ballet class format, ballet barre followed by center work. It is for intermediate students or adventurous older beginners. Limited to 6 students per class.

Ballet V with Pointe (Age 11+ with multiple training days) is for a student who is studying ballet at least two days per week. For this class, pointe related physical therapy exercises will be followed by ballet barre and center work. Students will work in demi-pointe shoes (unshanked, blocked satin slippers) until such time that her placement and strength are found to be to a level to use pointe shoes. Limited to  students per class.

Adult Dance will use Ballet barre work as its hub and include yoga, physical therapy exercises and world dances. Its goal is to take pleasure in movement while improving strength, balance and flexibility.

Workshops (Ages 9+ intermediate/advanced) are offered periodically to support young dancers with particular aspects of movement or preventing common technical problems. Workshops are listed on the Coaching page.