Simple, High-Quality & Joyful Study of Dance

New Season Registration Open

The 2019-2020 Season of Movement Arts Atlanta will begin on August 11 and registration is open for all students. Celebrating its 7th year of serving students and families, MAA offers high-quality classes for ages 3+ with small class size, professional instruction and modest tuition rates.

Class schedule, description and tuition rates are available here.

Children’s instruction begins with Kinderdance for ages three and four. This leads to the study of classical ballet for ages five and six with Ballet I. As the child gets older, tap is added to improve rhythm, support balance and foster performance quality. As students reach early adolescence, ladies add pointe work to their ballet vocabulary.

Class size is limited for all of MAA classes. This is to ensure individual attention for all students, both children and adults. This is particularly important for younger students so that they learn that dance class is a time of focused, joyful work.

MAA’s primary instructor and director, Carolyn Stine McLaughlin, has more than 30 years of teaching experience. As a native of Atlanta she trained with Southern Ballet of Atlanta. She then attended Virginia Intermont College which was highly respected for its teacher training curriculum. She has danced professionally and is the founder and director of the annual Inman Park Dance Festival.

Tuition for MAA classes is paid as a flat fee per semester. Instead of charging separate registration, tuition and recital fees, two semester payments include all costs related to participating in classes except for clothing and shoes. Rates begin at $19 per hour and discounts are applied for multiple students per family and for multiple classes per student.

Movement Arts Atlanta is an excellent choice for dance training in town for both children and adults. MAA looks forward to being of service to you and your family.


World Dance Camp News

Movement Arts Atlanta and the Freedom Park Preschool are on the third day of the World Dance Camp. The children are having a fun time, building strength and skills.

Each day has started with a movement class that includes some yoga, ballet and the development of gross motor skills. After a short break, the students study a new dance each day.

On Monday, the dancers learned the Meringue and Bachata. Both of these dances are from the island of Haiti. The children had fun with the movement and with learning how to dance with a partner.

On Tuesday, we went across the Pacific  Ocean to West Africa. The children made shakers based on the Caxix of Ghana. After learning some basic vocabulary for this dance form, the children took turns playing for each other as accompanists.

Wednesday was the day for the Hula. This is a very fun dance to learn. The dancers made lei from silk flowers and wore them for their dancing. Take a visit to our See What We Do Page for a short video of their work.

For Thursday, the students will try Intertribal Dance. This Native American dance is open to all dancers. The dancers will make their own ankle bells to add to the experience.

On Friday, the dancers will work in a large group to give Square Dancing a try. This American favorite developed out of the social dances of the mid to late 1800s.

Movement Arts Atlanta partners annually with Freedom Park Preschool to offer this camp to early elementary students.



Summer Short Term – Give Dance a Try

Movement Arts Atlanta’s Summer Short Term will take place from June 10-27, 2019. This three-week, bi-weekly semester will over Kinderdance for ages 3 and 4, Ballet I for ages 5 and 6 and Ballet II with Tap for ages 7+. Private coaching is also available for students age 11 and up.

Classes will take place either on a Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday schedule during the three weeks. This compact and short schedule is designed to accommodate trying dance training for a child or continuing training around summer family plans.

Please visit the Ballet & Tap Classes page for complete details with class descriptions, class times and instruction on how to register for classes.

The Magic Garden

Movement Arts Atlanta is proud to announce its annual student recital. The Magic Garden will be presented on Saturday, May 18 at 5:00 pm at the International Montessori Academy, 1240 Euclid Avenue NE, 30307. The performance is free and open to the public.

The early evening’s performance will include a fun tap number and an original story ballet. The Magic Garden‘s cast include all the MAA’s students from age three. The libretto begins with the Moon Fairy, Sun Fairy, and the small fairies preparing the flowers to bloom for Spring. Their work is interrupted by a group of friends taking a picnic. One of the small fairies plays a trick and does the magic that allows the friends to see the fairies and their work with the flowers. The Mood Fairy and the Sun Fairy then decided to welcome the friends and invite them to help with the work in the garden.


Winter/Spring Semester Starts Monday, January 7

The Winter/Spring Semester of the 2018-2019 Season of Movement Arts Atlanta (MAA) starts Monday, January 7, 2019. There have been some changes to the schedule. To see these changes and to view current class availability please visit the Classes & Schedule page. MAA welcomes new students throughout the season.

MAA offers class for students age 3+. Very young students attend Kinderdance which works on class taking skill, gross motor movements and fosters the joy of dance. Classical Ballet vocabulary is offered starting at at 5. Tap is added to Ballet classes starting with Ballet II for ages 7+. Students age 11 and older who are taking three class per week can start exercise for Pointe. Adults are welcome to Adult Dance which combines yoga, physical therapy exercise and classical ballet.

MAA’s class sizes are small and all tuition is based on a rate of $18 per hour. Tuition includes participation in the Spring Recital in May.

Registration Update

It is amazing to think that Movement Arts Atlanta (MAA) is a third of the way through its 2018-2019 Season. We have welcomed new and returning families, added classes, students are improving their skills and we have started planning for another joyful student recital in May 2019. At this point in the season, we would like to give a registration update.

Currently, all classes on the schedule can welcome new students. Unlike many dance schools, MAA chooses to welcome new students throughout the season. There is limited availability for Kinderdance, Ballet I and Ballet II with Tap and generous availability for Ballet III and above. Please note that places for current students will be held for the Winter/Spring Semester unless MAA is otherwise notified. Visit here for information about each class and available space.

MAA offers small class size, economical tution rates and professional instruction in an environment that purposefully fosters joy in hard work and pleasure in the art dance.

Student Recital 2019 – When & Why

We invite all Movement Arts Atlanta (MAA) families and friends to mark their calendars for the 2019 Student Recital which will be held on Saturday, May 19, 2019 at 3:00 pm. MAA will hold the recital at the International Montessori Academy, just east of Little 5 Points. Admission is free and family and friends are welcome to come and enjoy the dancing and light refreshments after the show.

MAA’s recitals are unique events for several reasons that effect the students, their families and friends.

First, MAA presents a short story-ballet to showcase the talents of the students. These ballets have a libretto that weaves together the dancing of all levels of performers, each  contributing to the whole. Unlike the majority of recital performances with their one dance for each class, this style of performance more closely matches the way of professional performers. It also builds community, provides mentoring opportunities for senior dancer and demonstration of what commitment can bring for junior dancers.

Second, MAA’s annual student recital is managed with economics in mind. MAA does not charge a separate recital fee to families. This cost is embedded in tuition. Families rarely choose not to participating in a recital. MAA sees a recital fee as a “junk” style fee like a registration fee. MAA does not charge these either. Costumes are provided by MAA and are reused and reworked year after year. This again mirrors the way professional dance organizations work. Additionally, manufactured dance costumes are high priced for the quality they offer. Also, the event is presented in a venue that allows for free admission. We do not believe that a family member or friend should have to pay to see the show. The audience is the guest of MAA.

Third, MAA’s Student Recitals are short. Last year’s running time was twenty minutes total, which included the ballet, two Tap numbers and curtain speeches. Very directly, our philosophy is that student performers should be beautifully costumed, well rehearsed, get on the stage and then get off. Young performers are able to handle shorter times with greater attention and joy. This make the experience good for them and therefore the audience, short and sweet.

We look forward to seeing you at the show!