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What to Wear for Classes

Just like the number of students in class or the floor you take class on, what a student wears to class is important. A student needs to be able to move without distraction and a teacher needs to see what they are doing.

Kinderdance & Ballet Classes

Young ladies are asked to wear a solid color leotard with or without pink tights and pink ballet slippers. Kinderdance and Ballet I students will wear a pink sock on their right foot and a blue sock on their left foot. These will be provided. If a lady chooses not to wear tights the leotard she wears should be lined. Please no skirts, ruffles or sparkles; class is about the joy of dancing, not the outfit.

Young gentlemen are asked to wear a fitted solid color t-shirt and black bike shorts or leggings with white ballet shoes and thin, white socks. If they are taking Kinderdance or Ballet I, socks will be provided.

Adults should wear moveable close-fitting clothes.

For both ladies and gentlemen, hair should be worn tied away from the face for safety.

 “Real” ballet shoes are essential at any age and level of study. Many stores sell ballet shoes that are either of poor quality or are really just bedroom slippers. MAA recommends the Bloch #S0205. It is a great shoe, economical and has the elastics already sewn own. 

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Young Ladies’ Leotard: Bloch #5402

Young Ladies’ Tights: Body Wrappers C81, Color Ballet Pink

Young Gentlemen’s Bike Shorts: Mid-Shin Length or Knee Length, Color Black

Ballet Shoes: Bloch #S0205G, Colors, Ladies-Pink, Gentlemen-White, Ladies may also choose Bloch #S0227G This same shoe is available in adult sizes Bloch #S02305L


For this class, students should wear simple moveable clothing. A leotard with short is a great choice, so are leggings and a t-shirt. It is always better for clothing to be fitted. Dancers should wear flexible athletic shoes and bring a yoga mat. Hair should be secured away from the face.

Updated 07/02/22